Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tribute to African American people

I would recommend this TV show because I think it's a good way to learn about the American culture in general, but more important is that it was one of the first TV shows that showed the African American way of life in another way. The previous TV shows and movies usually showed the black people in a derogatory way: they used to appear like lazy, silly, funny (buffoonery),... people. I think that the Cosby Show was an opportunity for all people to see that the African Americans are not less than the rest of the people in this country.

Another comment about Cosby

The show comes from the extraordinary abilities, professionalism, and experience of Bill Cosby. It was not filmed in front of a live audinece and it has been edited; this was something new for comedies at the time. However, the keystone is a black successful family which started to be accepted by white people and followed by more and more black people as an example.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Glad I learned about this show!

I didn't know the Cosby Show before I was in the class. After I watch the show, I loved it. Now I watch the show during my free time a few times a week on youtube before I go to school or before I go to bed. Sometimes I share with my older sister because the English in the Cosby Show is easier to understand. Also, some parts are funny. We don't watch a lot of American tv shows; we watch a lot of Chinese shows. Now, instead of always watching Chinese shows, we can watch the Cosby Show together to improve our English.

I recommend

I like The Cosby Show because it is filled with positive messages. When the family has some problems, they work hard to solve them together. In addition, the show includes lots of humor and educational elements. When people watch the show, they will laugh together and they can learn something positive from the show. As an ESL student, I'd like to recommend others to watch the show because they can learn more about American culture. An important way to learn other languages is to learn and understand their own cultures. The more we understand American culture, the easier we will learn English. Moreover, it helps us use English appropriately in our daily lives.

Part of American culture

The Cosby Show shows me a different side of African-American family life that was not usually shown before, and it also helps me to understand American culture. I didn't know about this show before I watched it in class. I learned a lot about the Huxtable family and I think the parents do their job quite well as parents; they know how to help their children and then solve problems with their kids together.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Universal Family

I like the Cosby show because through the show we can see that an African-American family's ordinary life is similar people's lives all over the world, without regard to color. Their is a generation gap between the parents and children and their is sometimes conflict as a result. Through these stories we can more easily accept and understand American culture.

A lovely family show...

I like The Cosby Show because it is a lovely family show. It is good to see a show that has the "picture of a perfect happy family". It is an example of a wonderful family that everyone wishes to have, no matter what race we are. I love the messages we can learn from them. Bill Cosby is a hilarious actor, so I like a lot this show.